Growth Groups

There are various Growth Groups which are held in different homes throughout the week. They are wholly Biblical based and seek to help the individuals understand Scripture better and to grow in their walk with the Lord. Each group chooses their own particular study material and the pace at which they work. They are open to anyone who wishes to attend, and you will be made most welcome. Current Growth Groups are being held on:

Tuesday, 6:30pm at 363 Rowbotham St – Contact: John Clewett on 4635 0280

Wednesday, 3:00pm at 2/32 Horrocks Crescent – Contact: Ted Goodwin on 4614 4261

Wednesday, 7:30pm at 1 Glencoe Ct, Middle Ridge – Contact: David Hunt on 4635 7762

K.Y.B (Know your Bible) Women’s Bible Study

Know Your Bible is an inter-denominational programme of structured Bible Study for ladies, which is overseen by Christian Women Communicating Intl.   Each term there is a study book on a selected book of the Bible or topic. There are a number of groups operating within St. John’s:

Tuesday, 9:30am at 2/32 Horrocks Crescent – Contact: Shirley Benn on 4635 6503

Wednesday, 9:30am at St Johns Hall – Contact: Janette Hunt on 4635 7762

Women’s Growth Group

There is a Women’s Growth Group, with a supervised creche available. This meets every Tuesday, 9:30-11am in the St Johns Hall – Contact: Frances Clewett on 4635 0280.